6 Best Auto Insurance for Classic Cars in US (in Update 2023)

Insurance for Classic Cars
Insurance for Classic Cars

Before looking for the very best auto insurance for classic automobiles, you might wish to know if your car is a classic automobile. 

A classic automobile is a car that’s 25 years of ages or older. For some individuals, a classic automobile isn’t simply a means of transport, it is also a financial investment.

This vehicle will need insurance, but you cannot obtain routine insurance for a routine car. If you own a classic automobile, you’ll need one designed for classic automobiles.

Unlike the routine kind of car insurance, classic automobile insurance will protect the financial investment and ensure that the treatment will constantly exist.

Auto Insurance for Classic Cars

While most kinds of car insurance just cover vehicles that are deteriorating in worth, classic automobile insurance is designed to do the exact opposite: protect your financial investment and ensure your car is still about for many years to find. come.

Because of this, classic and classic cars require unique plans.

Cars over 25 years of ages that have some historic importance typically fall right into the category of classic automobiles.

Sometimes they’re old-school American muscle cars, while various other times they’re limited-edition vehicles.

Whether your classic automobile is a 1969 Evade Battery charger or a 1954 Chevrolet vehicle, chances are the worth of your classic automobile will just increase as its components proceed to wear.

Such as the cars it is designed for, a great classic automobile insurance coverage can be hard to find.

After evaluating information from 8 specialized insurance provider and 20 significant car insurance service companies that offer classic automobile insurance coverage, we’ve produced a listing of those that offer the best classic automobile coverage for the price.

Top Auto Insurance for Classic Cars in the USA

Classic cars can be American muscle cars and their traditional appearances or limited version cars.

The worth of your cherished 1954 Chevrolet vehicle or 1969 Evade Battery charger will increase as the car components proceed to wear.

Interested in obtaining insurance for your classic automobile? Consider these.

1. State Farm

Another best auto insurance for classic cars is State Farm where the head office is located in Bloomington, Illinois.

This insurance company offers fairly competitive rates, as well as coverage options for various classic cars.

Coverage provided by State Farm is available nationwide. The rates that will be determined will be based on usage.

The company also provides $500 coverage for spare parts. State Farm will cover classic cars between 10 and 24 years old.

This insurance company also covers some basic types for your classic cars such as collision, liability, all perils, emergency road service and uninsured motorist.

2. Hagerty

Hagerty’s corporate headquarters is located in Traverse City, Michigan. This company has been specializing in classic car insurance since 1984.

Hagerty offers excellent rates and several incredible benefits. Classic car owners can reinvest in the classic car community.

The company offers coverage for personnel and restoration projects that are all dedicated to helping you find the parts.

If you are one of the restaurant enthusiasts, you will love this exceptional insurance.

Hagerty has special coverage for car restoration and construction projects.

Compared to other companies, this best auto insurance for classic cars covers higher tools and spare parts. There are also many more specific advantages for classic cars.

Unfortunately, this insurance company has strict requirements for coverage and cannot insure the classic cars you use every day.

3. American Modern

American Modern has been providing insurance since 1949. This insurance company knows the ins and outs of insuring vintage cars, classic cars and other collectibles.

The Better Business Bureau gave this company an A+ rating, which means you should consider this company first.

There are certain benefits provided by American Modern, including available nationwide, which means you can easily reach anywhere, the value you accept will be determined before signing the policy, and there are discounts you can get (up to 45%).

American Modern covers many types of vehicles including classic cars, muscle cars, exotic vehicles, race cars, cobra replicas, street rods, retired military vehicles, collectible tractors, etc

4. Safeco Insurance

Safeco Insurance is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. This insurance company offers policies that allow classic car owners to drive their car fairly regularly.

Just like American Modern, Safeco Insurance has also earned an A+ rating from the Better Bureau Business, you can trust the company.

There are no major mileage restrictions, meaning you can drive your classic car more freely. The company also offers unique discounts for owners of classic cars.

In addition, Safeco Insurance also offers great benefits and coverages.

Unfortunately, this company is not available in all 50 states. Also, insurance policies are limited to vintage cars and classic cars with certain restrictions.

5. Grundy Insurance

Then there is Grundy Insurance which is available in all 50 states of the United States. This company was established in 1947 and now has a headquarters in Horsham, Pennsylvania.

The Better Business Bureau had accredited this company with an A+ rating.

This rating indicates that the company is dedicated to resolving customer issues and complaints.

Grundy Insurance offers some types of standard auto insurance and coverages such as Property Damage Liability, Bodily Injury Liability, All Perils, Collision, Medical Payments, and more.

Classic car insurance policies also offer replacement parts coverage up to $500, trip interruption coverage up to $600, and labor and maintenance coverage. towing up to 250 USD.

6. American Collectors Insurance

Just like the previous company, American Collectors Insurance is also available in all 50 states. American Collectors was established in 1976 and its last headquarters is located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

This company is sold through USAA, a reputable auto insurance company.

For classic cars, this insurance company offers coverage with an agreed value, restoration coverage, replacement parts coverage, and auto coverage for newly acquired vehicles.

In addition, the insurance company also has a unique protection program called TLC.

TLC means tow and work for collectors. This is a plan that provides roadside assistance, theft reward, and expense reimbursement for classic car shows.

When choosing the best auto insurance for classic cars, make sure the policies offer the coverage you need. Choose the fonts available in your own state so you can get help easily when needed.

The Conclusion

Chances are, if you own a vintage car, you’ve spent a great deal of time, power, and money right into your vehicle. It is necessary to give your valued belongings the protection it needs and deserves with classic automobile insurance.

The options we’ve picked are great companies to inspect out so you have assurance while you enjoy that Sunday own in your classic car.

When choosing our top auto insurance recommendations for classic cars, we evaluated over 25 auto insurance provider that offer classic auto insurance based upon several specifications consisting of coverage options, monetary stamina, claims satisfaction prices and client comments on websites.

We also contrasted the advertised prices and discounts on each company’s website, as well as information on car lover websites such as The Reality About Cars, Car and more, and Chauffeur.